Stand up for education in Cameroon!

In June and July 2023, it’s time again! The PATRIZIA Foundation is calling for another challenge together – this year in a slightly new format: the popular Cycling Challenge will become the PATRIZIA Foundation Step Up for Education Challenge.

Let’s support the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé together! In this way, you are not only doing something good for your health, but also for children in Cameroon.

Kleines Mädchen schaut glücklich in die Kamera

The PATRIZIA Foundation is committed to helping children and young people worldwide to give them the chance of a better life – through quality education. Also in this year’s Challenge, 100% of the proceeds will go to our project, the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé. Everybody can participate! Sign up and become part of the movement.

Be part of it!

Make a big difference together: Stand up for education in Cameroon and help raise 30,000€ for our school in the capital Yaoundé! Sign up from 25 May 2023.

Companies, schools and clubs are also welcome

Not only you as an individual can become part of our challenge. Register your company as a team and get active together for a good cause in June and July! Collective registrations are very easy this year!

Your school or organization can also participate – in the context of your summer festival, the Bundesjugendspiele or the geography, sports or ethics lessons! Please contact Eva Maria Bergel at – together we will create an individually tailored and, of course, free of charge package.
This is how children can support children!

All together!

Motivate others and register your company, your whole school or your organisation from 25.05.2023 using a group registration!

Running, cycling, riding – everything is possible

 After the two Cycling Challenges in 2021 and 2022, as well as the Remote Run, which was held a total of three times, we are now combining everything into one challenge. All sports that can be measured in kilometers or stairs are welcome to participate. If you enjoy cycling, get on your bike! If you prefer jogging, lace up your running shoes! If you ride horses, saddle up! And if you don’t enjoy sports, count your stairs. The most important thing is that you take part for the entire months of June and July.


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Three simple steps for the good cause

1. Sign in:
Register at RaceResult from 25.05.2023 and get access to your personal action page!
100% of the proceeds of the participation fee of 10 euros for adults and
5 euros for pupils, students and seniors
will go to the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé.

2. Track:
Collect your miles in your favorite sport or your stairs for the entire months of June and July!

3. Post:
Enter your accumulated miles or levels and receive your individualized participant certificate showing your accomplishment! 

The PATRIZIA School Yaoundé

Over 350 children a year receive access to quality education at our PATRIZIA School Yaoundé. Together with the PATRIZIA Foundation, the school in the center of the city was able to be developed into a lighthouse project for digital learning during the pandemic period. With the help of intensive teacher training by the PATRIZIA Foundation and the introduction of the Essence of Learning concept, the school offers holistic teaching. Part of this holistic approach is the construction of the new playground. In April 2023, eight PATRIZIA SE volunteers traveled to Cameroon to work hand in hand with local volunteers to build a place for play and age-appropriate development. Reasons enough to get active and take part in the StepUp Challenge!

Any questions left?

Feel free to contact us via e-mail

Review of our previous challenges

Cycling Challenge

In the past two years, the #patriziaride has raised over 12,500€ in donations with nearly 500 participants. The contributions flowed 2021 to the digitization projects of our PATRIZIA School Dhoksan in Nepal, 2022 to the EduCare Europe Fund and thus benefited Ukrainian children and young people.


Remote Run

Run 5 km and be part of it – our #patriziarun charity run – initiated by the volunteering campaign of Christina Lutz. Already carried out three times in a row, this challenge has allowed us to do something good for our PATRIZIA School Yaoundé and our PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama in Rwanda!