Corporate Volunteering Challenge for Yaoundé

Dec. 2022

Together with the PATRIZIA Foundation, eight PATRIZIA SE employees accepted the challenge to build a playground for the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé in Cameroon. The eight volunteers have set themselves the task of raising the necessary money themselves. Afterwards, they will visit the school for a week in April 2023 and lend a hand. What makes this special is that it is the first trip for volunteers to go abroad with the PATRIZIA Foundation. A total of 60,000€ is needed for the construction. Help us to reach this goal!

Construction drawing playground

A playground for the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé

About 350 children currently attend the elementary school and another 250 the secondary school of PATRIZIA School Yaoundé. A kindergarten and a parish of the partner organization Pallotine Mission are also directly adjacent. Thanks to past donations from the PATRIZIA Foundation, the children there have had access to education since 2016.  With the planned playground, a place for the children attending primary school will be created to play and let off steam on the school grounds. Especially at this age, play and movement are important for physical development and the development of social skills. The idea for the project thus fits in with the Essence of Learning concept, an educational methodology that is already being used at the school in Yaoundé. This is intended to facilitate self-responsible learning by focusing strongly on the developmental stage of the child.

Our goal: €60,000 for the construction of the playground in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

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A volunteering activity directly in Cameroon

In the past, the PATRIZIA Foundation has already implemented several projects with volunteers, however, this is the first time that such a residential volunteering action will take place outside of Europe.

60,000€ are needed to expand the already existing playground equipment on the 400m² school grounds into a coherent playground with climbing landscape and play tower. In cooperation with the non-profit association KuKuK Kultur e. V., the volunteers of PATRIZA SE aim to build an age-appropriate and richly planted playground that offers as many shady places as possible for the children. Consultation and continuous exchange with the project committee and the local people ensure that the playground is optimally adapted to the local conditions and best suits the children’s needs. Above all, natural materials are to be used for the construction.

Playground in need of renovation:

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