A good start

Jan. 2023

The PATRIZIA Foundation’s third Remote Run raised 2737 euros for the construction of a playground for the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé. The charity run organised by Christina Lutz and volunteers attracted 148 participants in its third year. The 49 employees of PATRIZIA SE were among the teams with the most participants, followed by Golisch Immobilien with 22 participants.


Running for a good cause

From the end of December to the end of January, runners had the opportunity to participate in the PATRIZIA Foundation’s 5km charity remote run. The choice of route was left up to everyone. After mastering the wintry sporting interlude, participants entered their time on the Race Result portal based on trust. A total of 84 men and 64 women took part in this year’s race. Every age group was represented: For the youngest participant was one year old and the oldest participant 61 years old. With their participation, all registered participants support the project to transform the 400m² concrete schoolyard of the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé into a playground for children. All proceeds go 100% into the project.

Construction drawing playground

A good start

Together with the PATRIZIA Foundation, eight employees of PATRIZIA SE and the non-profit association KuKuK Kultur e. V. would like to build a playground for the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé in Cameroon in April 2023. After the fundraising challenge, the volunteers will visit the school for a week and lend a hand. What makes it special is that it is the first trip for volunteers to go abroad. A total of 60,000€ is needed for the construction. For this, the eight volunteers have made it their task to collect the required money themselves.


Help us to achieve this goal!