Charity meets Art

Jul. 2021

Enjoying art, exchanging ideas and doing good: On 15 July 2021, a special PATRIZIA Foundation event took place in Frankfurt. The exclusive members of the Sponsor Circle met in the new PATRIZIA offices directly on the Main for a guided tour of the urban art exhibition and a shared dinner at the Flying Buffet. At the same time, the participants received information on the Foundation’s current projects.

PATRIZIA SE’s new premises in Frankfurt were transformed into a first-class art exhibition for the “Charity meets Art” event: all the artists involved are from the urban art scene. In other words, they usually make art in public spaces. To get to know the artists and their works better, Tania Di Brita, curator of the PAT ART LAB, gave a guided tour of the exhibition. There was also enough time to take in the works, some of which are the size of a wall, and to ask questions.

After refreshments at the flying buffet, the Sponsor Circle members had the chance, as always, to get to know each other, network and exchange ideas about art and development cooperation with the PATRIZIA Foundation in inspiring conversations.

An event that inspired

There was already a lot of positive feedback during the event. Sandra von Waldenfels from the fundraising team was pleased that the Sponsor Circle members shared her enthusiasm and perceived the event as a successful mix of art and foundation work. Daniel Eich from Aon, for example, described the event as very inspiring: “In addition to what had been created, we were particularly impressed by the passion with which the foundation supports children”.

Membership of the Sponsor Circle

Become a member of the Sponsor Circle. Sandra von Waldenfels and Jowita Fuchshofer from the Fundraising Team will be happy to explain how!

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